Singing in the Rain

Well, I wasn't really singing but I was trying to thing positive thoughts as I made it through my interval run today. 

I wasn't feeling very motivated to get out there so around lunch time I put on my running clothes to try and force myself into thinking I was running at some point today.  I did a couple of meetings and then looked outside and saw that it was starting to drizzle.  I thought to myself...perfect timing.  See I absolutely HATE humidity and running in hot humid weather is torture.  Seeing the rain meant I could run and stay relatively cool.  So I set out.

Given that I was doing my run as my late lunch and working from home I didn't have the option to go somewhere fun to run.  Given that I'm still scared to get back on my very hilly roads beyond my neighborhood I stayed on the .75 mile development T.  It's mostly flat and boring as hell.

This session called for a 10 minute warm-up followed by 3 circuits of 5 minute jog 90 second run and 2 minute walk with a 2 minute cool-down at the end of the workout.  For some reason I was dreading this.  I think it was the spurts of running that scared me.  I knew I could jog (I hate that word!) the 5 minute circuits but I didn't want to have to run which for my slow ass means sprint. 

The first circuit felt fine.  The 5 minutes went by in a flash and I even enjoyed picking up the pace.  During the 2 minute walk I could feel the strain in my Achilles which actually made me look forward to the second jog.  By the second run I wasn't feeling as fresh as the first but it was bearable and guess what, so was the rest.  I can honestly say that at no point did I feel like completely giving up and it was never too hard on my lungs.  My legs definitely got heavier feeling as I did each circuit and my feet were tingling by the end (damn neuroma's) but it was probably the best I have felt so far and it's only my 5th run!

I like the accelerated pace of this C25k.  Just like I am with studying, when I have a predefined schedule I will stick to it better than if I was to go out and say each time I will try to run a little farther.  I would never stick to that or progress. 

As I was running I was trying to think of what I will do after this is done.  I have only 2 more interval runs until it says I'm ready for a 5k.  The next is 3 rounds of 3 minute jog 60 second run and then the last is 5 minute job and 2 min run for 4 rounds.  Almost like a taper of sorts.  It doesn't make me feel like I will be able to then run consistently for 30+ minutes to get to 3 miles!

That's when I thought about the fact that at this point, its not distance but time.  I'm thinking I could do 10 min/6min/6min for my 8th run then maybe 6 min jog 2 min run x 3 for my 9th and so on for another week.  Or maybe I should try and see how far I can get towards 30 minutes without stopping for the 8th and make a plan after.

Decisions Decisions

I've decided this is he Summer of Run and I am going to get my game back on, even if it kills me!

Run Reviews

The program I am doing is C25K in 14 days.  Probably a little aggressive given my current fitness level but the typical C25k's progress too slow and I end up doubling them anyway. 

I decided to do the first run while Avery was at her Golf League.  There is a park near the golf course that looked the perfect spot.  I had left my good running sneakers in my office in NY so I choose an old pair of Adidas that weren't my favorite but would do.  The first workout was a 10 minute warm up then jog for 2 min and walk for 2 min for 5 rounds.  I did it twice that day and it sucked, not because it was exceptionally hard but because I felt like a beached whale and the shoes sucked.  But I got it in the books and found a cool plantation called the Burnside Plantation where the Bethlehem police horses live. 

The second run I did at home, the workout consisted of a 5 min walk then 2 minute jog, 1 minute run, 2 minute walk intervals 4x's.  The first round was easy, 2nd harder, 3rd easier and 4th brutal.  Still feel like a whale, slow as dirt but had on my Asics and my feet felt better. 

The third run was also at home.  It was 10 minute warm-up followed by 4 minute jogs with 1 minute walks in between 4x's.  I had a fan cheering me on this day.  The neighbors 5 year old son stood in his driveway and greeted me each round.  He was a cutie.  He even brought out a chair to sit and watch.  That run said I needed a two day recovery time which I gladly took, but I had to admit, it was getting easier. 

Today was the fourth run, and I brought my dog Boots because the vet told us he is overweight (like his mama) and I'm trying to get him fit again.  We went to the Delaware River Canal.  It was a 5 minute warm-up then 8 minute jog, 1:30 min walk, 5 min jog, 1:30 walk,  5 minute jog, then 5 min  cool-down. The 8 minutes wasn't too bad, I would say by the last minute I was out of breath but it felt good.  We took a little longer than the 1:30 for the break as I didn't want to push Boots too hard.  Then the next two 5's weren't bad either.  I was very worried I wouldn't be able to do this run but looks like I could do it just fine.  It was humid as hell.  I took Boots down to the river to cool off but it was very slippery so he just got a drink then we sat under a tree for a few and relaxed.  I brought him home and we both took a cool shower to cool down as my face was as red as a tomato. 

This week is going to be interesting since I have to go into the city for work Tuesday-Thursday.  Hoping I can get a run in at the hotel, or maybe down at Battery Park.

The Road back to being a Runner

Wow, I just looked and saw that my last post was in 2011!  Why am I even bothering to write a new one let alone try for the millionth time to get back into running you ask?  Because on my short lists of things I have been passionate about in my lifetime, running is one....and I'm a big fatty!

Don't get me wrong, its not that 2011 was the last time I ran!  Why only about a year ago I was up to 8 miles again and loving it.  Something always gets in my way though, an injury, sickness, travel you name it! 

September of 2013 I was following Metabolism Miracle  religiously and regularly running.  I lost 30 lbs and went down 3 sizes.  I looked and felt great and maintained it for over a year.  Around Thanksgiving 2014 I decided to interview for a new job at the world's largest software corporation.  I was doing great in my current company but this was a once in a lifetime opportunity and a company that is very difficult to get into so I couldn't resist.  I told myself it wouldn't matter if I didn't get in but I was fooling myself. 

The interview process is lengthy.  I had two phone interviews and then was recommended for The Finals where they flew me to a location and I had 4 more interviews.  Following that there was one more interview with someone from the Senior Leadership team and then I was in!  This all took place mid-December.  My company has a holiday shutdown in December for two weeks and when I got back I gave my notice.  I don't think I slept from November to January!

Note to not take on a life changing stress making task during the two most high calorie holidays of the year!  I decided I was too stressed to want to eat healthy so I ate and drank whatever I wanted the entire I started the job one size larger.

They immediately put me on one of their largest accounts in NYC.  The account was Red which means a lot of hours and stress.  Going somewhere new was like having been a senior and starting out as a Freshman all over again.  No one knows what you are capable of so you feel like a total newb until you prove yourself...which I did within about a month.  I was commuting or staying over in the city every week (my last job was one week home, one week travel).  I tried working out in the hotel fitness centers in the beginning but soon gave up because I was so tired, stressed.  I was trying to eat healthy but failing miserably.  I had no willpower. 

Things with the job started looking better within about a month and now I feel as if I have been at the company for years.  I am very happy and can honestly say I love my job and the company.  I have more flexibility in my job now and have more days at home which have made me realize I now have time to get back out there an exercise.  I joined the local gym a couple of weeks ago online but haven't gone yet.  I think I am so embarrassed by my lack of fitness that I didn't want to go with my friends to classes like Tabata and Spin and fail! 

I recently purchased a Microsoft Band and was only using it for its Smart Watch features.  I knew it had guided workouts, run tracking (with splits), cycling and other fitness trackers but couldn't be bothered.  I had even downloaded a C25K that would get you to a 5k in 14 days but didn't use it.  Finally on Sunday I decided that I was going to go for a run.  I downloaded a C25K app on my phone and then remembered my Microsoft Band already had one so off I went. 

On today's run I decided I should start blogging my progress.  Maybe I'm hoping it will keep me going, maybe I am just looking for an outlet but whatever the reason, I'm back and hoping to get my fat ass back in shape STAT.

P.S.  I'm not going to change my profile yet because I love thinking about when I was 39 and not 43 ;)

It seems like Spring is finally arriving. We've had some very nice sunny days recently. With a new season I always find new energy and I'm excited to be active!

Last week was pretty successful for me on the fitness track. I got in a spin class, 2 yoga classes and a day on the elliptical. Plus Boots and I hit the pavement once. This past week hasn't been as successful. Mostly due to travel. Monday I had to go down to DC early so I didn't get to go to the gym. Tuesday morning I was up at 5:30 and got in some Sun Salutations but the rest of the week was a wash. I got home yesterday but was so busy working that I never left my desk until 3:00 when I had to get Avery and take her to swimming.

Today I'm taking her to swimming and then heading over to the gym. Got to keep the momentum going. It's funny when I work out I can get up really early. When I don't like this past week I slowly get to where I can barely get up.

Next week I'm home so I anticipate lots of exercise and some spring cleaning. I have to go get some plants in preparation for both the vegetable garden and the flower beds in the back. I won't be planting until Memorial Day but I want to get the plants while they are still available. I will just put them in the house until its time to go outside.

Ciao for now! Happy Weekend!

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