Singing in the Rain

Well, I wasn't really singing but I was trying to thing positive thoughts as I made it through my interval run today. 

I wasn't feeling very motivated to get out there so around lunch time I put on my running clothes to try and force myself into thinking I was running at some point today.  I did a couple of meetings and then looked outside and saw that it was starting to drizzle.  I thought to myself...perfect timing.  See I absolutely HATE humidity and running in hot humid weather is torture.  Seeing the rain meant I could run and stay relatively cool.  So I set out.

Given that I was doing my run as my late lunch and working from home I didn't have the option to go somewhere fun to run.  Given that I'm still scared to get back on my very hilly roads beyond my neighborhood I stayed on the .75 mile development T.  It's mostly flat and boring as hell.

This session called for a 10 minute warm-up followed by 3 circuits of 5 minute jog 90 second run and 2 minute walk with a 2 minute cool-down at the end of the workout.  For some reason I was dreading this.  I think it was the spurts of running that scared me.  I knew I could jog (I hate that word!) the 5 minute circuits but I didn't want to have to run which for my slow ass means sprint. 

The first circuit felt fine.  The 5 minutes went by in a flash and I even enjoyed picking up the pace.  During the 2 minute walk I could feel the strain in my Achilles which actually made me look forward to the second jog.  By the second run I wasn't feeling as fresh as the first but it was bearable and guess what, so was the rest.  I can honestly say that at no point did I feel like completely giving up and it was never too hard on my lungs.  My legs definitely got heavier feeling as I did each circuit and my feet were tingling by the end (damn neuroma's) but it was probably the best I have felt so far and it's only my 5th run!

I like the accelerated pace of this C25k.  Just like I am with studying, when I have a predefined schedule I will stick to it better than if I was to go out and say each time I will try to run a little farther.  I would never stick to that or progress. 

As I was running I was trying to think of what I will do after this is done.  I have only 2 more interval runs until it says I'm ready for a 5k.  The next is 3 rounds of 3 minute jog 60 second run and then the last is 5 minute job and 2 min run for 4 rounds.  Almost like a taper of sorts.  It doesn't make me feel like I will be able to then run consistently for 30+ minutes to get to 3 miles!

That's when I thought about the fact that at this point, its not distance but time.  I'm thinking I could do 10 min/6min/6min for my 8th run then maybe 6 min jog 2 min run x 3 for my 9th and so on for another week.  Or maybe I should try and see how far I can get towards 30 minutes without stopping for the 8th and make a plan after.

Decisions Decisions

I've decided this is he Summer of Run and I am going to get my game back on, even if it kills me!


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