The Road back to being a Runner

Wow, I just looked and saw that my last post was in 2011!  Why am I even bothering to write a new one let alone try for the millionth time to get back into running you ask?  Because on my short lists of things I have been passionate about in my lifetime, running is one....and I'm a big fatty!

Don't get me wrong, its not that 2011 was the last time I ran!  Why only about a year ago I was up to 8 miles again and loving it.  Something always gets in my way though, an injury, sickness, travel you name it! 

September of 2013 I was following Metabolism Miracle  religiously and regularly running.  I lost 30 lbs and went down 3 sizes.  I looked and felt great and maintained it for over a year.  Around Thanksgiving 2014 I decided to interview for a new job at the world's largest software corporation.  I was doing great in my current company but this was a once in a lifetime opportunity and a company that is very difficult to get into so I couldn't resist.  I told myself it wouldn't matter if I didn't get in but I was fooling myself. 

The interview process is lengthy.  I had two phone interviews and then was recommended for The Finals where they flew me to a location and I had 4 more interviews.  Following that there was one more interview with someone from the Senior Leadership team and then I was in!  This all took place mid-December.  My company has a holiday shutdown in December for two weeks and when I got back I gave my notice.  I don't think I slept from November to January!

Note to not take on a life changing stress making task during the two most high calorie holidays of the year!  I decided I was too stressed to want to eat healthy so I ate and drank whatever I wanted the entire I started the job one size larger.

They immediately put me on one of their largest accounts in NYC.  The account was Red which means a lot of hours and stress.  Going somewhere new was like having been a senior and starting out as a Freshman all over again.  No one knows what you are capable of so you feel like a total newb until you prove yourself...which I did within about a month.  I was commuting or staying over in the city every week (my last job was one week home, one week travel).  I tried working out in the hotel fitness centers in the beginning but soon gave up because I was so tired, stressed.  I was trying to eat healthy but failing miserably.  I had no willpower. 

Things with the job started looking better within about a month and now I feel as if I have been at the company for years.  I am very happy and can honestly say I love my job and the company.  I have more flexibility in my job now and have more days at home which have made me realize I now have time to get back out there an exercise.  I joined the local gym a couple of weeks ago online but haven't gone yet.  I think I am so embarrassed by my lack of fitness that I didn't want to go with my friends to classes like Tabata and Spin and fail! 

I recently purchased a Microsoft Band and was only using it for its Smart Watch features.  I knew it had guided workouts, run tracking (with splits), cycling and other fitness trackers but couldn't be bothered.  I had even downloaded a C25K that would get you to a 5k in 14 days but didn't use it.  Finally on Sunday I decided that I was going to go for a run.  I downloaded a C25K app on my phone and then remembered my Microsoft Band already had one so off I went. 

On today's run I decided I should start blogging my progress.  Maybe I'm hoping it will keep me going, maybe I am just looking for an outlet but whatever the reason, I'm back and hoping to get my fat ass back in shape STAT.

P.S.  I'm not going to change my profile yet because I love thinking about when I was 39 and not 43 ;)


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