I had a decent run yesterday. It was about 28 degrees out and felt refreshing. I am so not in shape and it's frustrating but when I was done I was glad I didn't do the 2 mile loop I had originally planned. Four miles with Bella. She hasn't run in quite awhile so it was probably a littlemuch for her but she acted like she loved it! She was lazy the rest of the day. Boots gets his turn this weekend.

Can't wait until 4 miles feels like a piece of cake again!

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New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year, my friends!

Of course its that time of year. My resolution isn't something unachievable or ridiculously hard to attain. My resolution goal is to give Avery the kindof childhood I remember growing up. That means lots of time at home playing and spending time as a family not running around in the car from this place to that.

Its too easy in this day and age to multitask the hell out of yourself. That's all well and good if it works for you but I don't think kids should be multitasking. I think they should be able to be kids. Enjoy life, play and have fun.

The first step in the resolution process was to not sign her up for another session of gymnastics. It was on Monday's from 6:30 to 8:00 and we didn't get home until 8:30. She's only 5 and 8:30 is her normal bedtime. She didn't want to go again and I wasn't going to force her. We did it to see if she was interested but she would rather just continue ballet and swim. She has ballet on Wednesdays from 6 to 7 and swim lessons Saturday morning from 9:30 to 10am. Once she can swim on her own I will stop swimming lessons.

Both my parents worked and I know it was different back then (smaller commute, not as many hours in the office and never working from home) but we still had a great childhood and I want to make sure Avery has the simple joys of being a kid and doesn't look back at her childhood and say I was dragged here and there, we were never home, etc etc.

Ok, now that I've told my resolution onto my health and fitness. I'm in detox! I had a carb loaded alcohol consuming December and my body has really paid for it. So as of Monday I'm watching my carbs and passing on the vino for a while. Plus I'm running. Just a little bit each day until I'm back in the habit but I'm committed. Something Randy posted as a comment in on of my previous posts hit home.

Here's to hoping 2010 is a very enlightening year!

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